Project: Residential driveway - Noblesville, IN
Customer: Arbor Homes
Contractor: W.E Beaty - Indianapolis, IN
Finisher: McGhee Concrete - Arlington, IN
Project obstacles and solutions: Arbor Homes' Waterman Farms community in Noblesville, Indiana is seeing a five year high in demand for new houses. Concrete finishers are expected to turn 3-4 driveways with adjoining sidewalks daily. To meet this demand, W.E. Beaty turned to IMI for a driveway mix that came off the truck quickly, was easy to place, but also set up at the pace of their finishing crews. If the mix is too slow in setting up, the crews are waiting for bleed water to surface, which slows down the project. If the mix sets up too quickly, it becomes hard to move and finish.

IMI supplied 13 yards of driveway mix for this project. A crew of five from McGhee Concrete was able to finish the driveway and sidewalks in under two hours, from the time the first truck pulled onto the site until they pulled up their forms.

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