Project: Residential garage floor - Dover, TN
Customer: Homeowner
Contractor: Better Built Garages - Clarksville, TN
Project obstacles and solutions: Better Built Garages specializes in outbuildings including garages, pole barns and storage sheds. Their concrete crews typically consist of three finishers. With a small crew to do the work and the summer heat, it is important that their concrete does not set up too quickly. Typically that would require adding water to the mix at the job site to keep it wet and workable until the job was done.

On July 2, temperatures were expected to top out in the low 90s. The owner of Better Built Garages called in an order for a garage floor and requested that it be a "wet" mix. IMI delivered imix SuperSlab, a concrete mix designed for interior floors and slower set times. It was delivered to the job site with an 8 inch slump. The slump remained consistent throughout the pour, so it was easy for the crew to move into place. No extra water was needed, even on a hot day.

For more information on imix SuperSlab, click here.

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