Project: Residential driveway - Cynthiana, Kentucky
Customer: Homeowner
Contractor: Schroder Construction - Cynthiana, KY
Project obstacles and solutions: Schroder Construction was hired to build a new driveway for a residence in Cynthiana, Kentucky. This was no ordinary driveway. It encompassed 3,300 linear feet and covered 27,000 square feet. Schroder's took on the job with a crew of three people to pour and finish the concrete. A much smaller driveway would be no problem for a small crew like this, but this job took nearly 500 yards of concrete to complete. They needed a concrete mix that would remain plastic and hold its slump so they could have enough time to work with it.

IMI supplied imix Drive Plus for this project. It is designed specifically for residential outdoor flatwork. It sets up slowly to allow small crews time to place and finish the concrete before it sets up.

Schroder also wanted to control plastic shrinkage and thermal cracking in the long driveway. They asked IMI to include imix XS steel fibers in the concrete mix. The imix XS steel fibers are recognized in the 2013 IRC International Residential Code (ESR-1726) to minimize shrinkage and temperature cracking of structural plain, normal-weight concrete slabs on grade.

For more information on imix Drive Plus, click here.
For more information on imix XS, click here.

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