Project: SugarCreek Food Processing Plant - Cambridge City, IN
Customer: SugarCreek - Washington Court House, OH
Contractor: ONEsource Facility Solutions - Atlanta, GA
Finisher: TWC Concrete Services - Cincinnati, OH
Project obstacles and solutions: SugarCreek is a food manufacturer that supplies cooked and raw protein products to food processors both nationally and internationally. Their recent purchase of an existing food processing plant in Cambridge City, Indiana was expanded from 70,000 square feet to over 400,000 square feet to house their new state-of-the-art production capabilities. The renovated facility included 330,000 square feet of cooking operations, including the first commercial-scale Sous-vide system in the United States. Sous-vide is a method of cooking that uses hot water or steam to cook meats and vegetables while they are vacuum sealed in plastic. The process required the removal and re-plumbing of the entire existing manufacturing floor to accommodate water lines and drains and complement the design of the new expansion.

ONEsource was the awarded general contractor on this project and TWC was subcontracted to pour all of the concrete slabs. There were two major obstacles to address in pouring these concrete floors. First, with the extensive plumbing running throughout the floors, potential for reflective cracking along the pipe placements was a concern. Second, this state-of-the-art food processing facility needed to eliminate control joints, which are common sites for cracked concrete panel edges and spalls due to slab curling, and where bacteria is prone to grow.

Given these key challenges that often lead to costly slab damage and deterioration, IMI suggested that the floors be poured using System-K Shrinkage-Compensating Concrete. A System-K mix design uses Type K shrinkage-compensating cement that is designed to counteract the drying shrinkage cracking common with ordinary Portland cement. Type K is an expansive, hydraulic cement that effectively utilizes the restraints within the concrete (such as reinforcement and piping) and the controlled expansion of the Type K cement to offset the strains caused by drying shrinkage, keeping the concrete in compression throughout the service life of the floor. With the restraints in tension and the concrete in compression, drying shrinkage cracking is minimized or eliminated, and curled slab edges can be prevented. Type K shrinkage-compensating cement is used in conjunction with reinforcing K-Fibers that permit the elimination of shrinkage steel in the floor slab design, only requiring the use of perimeter steel for each slab, and at columns or other projections in the concrete.

IMI QC/QA did extensive testing to produce a mix design that required no control joints in slab pours up to 150 x 150 feet The largest pour at this SugarCreek facility measured 150 x 100 feet. This mix design was used successfully for all of the main floors of the building. IMI worked with TWC to keep the mix workable and set times in line with project schedules without impacting the performance of the System-K Shrinkage-Compensating Concrete floors. Placement was followed by a seven day wet-curing process to ensure maximum long-term performance.

IMI supplied 5,000 yards of System-K Shrinkage-Compensating Concrete for this project. Another 1,000 yards were supplied for the upper decks of the facility. The mix design was engineered so that it could be delivered with a six inch slump. IMI used a high range water reducer to achieve a 4,000 psi strength at 28 days.

SugarCreek was very pleased to have a high performance floor with minimal construction and control joints and no drying shrinkage cracking, ultimately giving them peace of mind for maintaining efficient facility operations and significantly reducing maintenance costs for both the floors and transfer equipment, such as forklifts and carts, throughout the facility. They authorized the use of System-K Shrinkage-Compensating Concrete on a second facility that began construction shortly after the Cambridge City project was complete.

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