Project: Parkwood Office Suites - Indianapolis, IN
Customer: Duke Properties
Contractor: Duke Construction
Finisher: Smock Fansler
Project obstacles and solutions: This project specified 1,000 yards of sand matrix, micro-etch architectural concrete in the driveway, walkways and parking lot at 4,000 psi. Traditional techniques have limited exposed-aggregate concrete to smaller areas due to the difficulty in maintaining a consistent finish. Recent advances in surface retardants have allowed for more control of the exposure. In this case, a micro-etch retardant was used. It allowed the contractor to apply the retardant on different days' pours and still maintain an even finish. Surface retardants are now available to expose just the sand or down to the heavier aggregates. Two keys to success are making sure you have integrally mixed color in the concrete. You do not want to use a surface color. Secondly, proper sealing of the concrete is essential in any exposed aggregate project.

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