Project: Residential footing using steel fiber - Evansville, IN
Customer: Homeowner
Contractor: Jagoe Homes and Construction - Owensboro, KY
Project obstacles and solutions: Jagoe Homes is a new home builder and developer. They build track houses in their communities. In Evansville, they plan to build 150 new homes in 2015.

Jagoe needed a way to speed up construction with minimal costs. They have a crew of two people who pour their foundation footings. They used imix EZ Footing XS, which is a specialty concrete mix designed specifically for home construction. The mix is batched to come off the truck quickly and flow into the cutaways with minimal effort. It also comes mixed with a cold drawn steel fiber mixed into the concrete. By using imix EZ Footing XS, Jagoe eliminated the need for rebar in the footings to control cracking. Not only does imix Footing XS eliminate the need for reinforcing steel, it is also much easier to place and finish than traditional concrete. It is designed to be poured at a 6-8” slump without segregation of the concrete or compromising strength or set times. The wetter design of the concrete allows it to flow very well with minimal effort to level the concrete. Finishing the concrete is just as effortless.

The two person footings crew were able to pour, level and finish an entire foundation in about one hour.

For more information on imix EZ Footing and imix EZ Footing XS, click here.

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