Project: AE Cinelli Building - Evansville, IN
Customer: Cinergy Communications
Contractor: Empire Contractors - Evansville, IN
Project obstacles and solutions: This building was designed to use tilt-up construction of concrete walls. Each wall panel was 40'x16' and weighed 60,000 lbs. The panels had a strict tolerance of 1/8". There was also a tight deadline. The 51,302 square feet needed to be erected in 42 days. To complicate matters, there was a very tight space on the job site. IMI was able to help achieve the design specs, save space and help the GC meet critical deadlines. IMI engineered a concrete mix that allowed the panels to be poured and then stacked three high on top of each other. This enabled all 60 panels to be set in place in only four days.

The AE Cinelli Building was awarded the Outstanding Achievements in Concrete from the ACI and Concrete Achievement Award from the IRMCA.

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