Project: SIA G-line expansion - Lafayette, IN
Customer: Subaru of Indiana
Contractor: J.R. Kelly - Lafayette, IN
Project obstacles and solutions: As part of its $400 million expansion, SIA made plans to expand its painting facility, including a new G-line pit that will allow car bodies to be submerged in a base coat of paint before moving to a drying area. J.R. Kelly served as the design/build contractor for this project.

The G-line expansion required 3,500 yards of concrete and had some unique engineering specifications. In particular, the walls and floor of the pit needed to be protected from chemical penetration that would damage the integrity of the structure. IMI used a crystalline admixture to waterproof the concrete. This closes the pores and resists any liquid penetration.

IMI also did extensive testing on the curing concrete used for the base. This structure required very thick slabs for the pit floor, the pier bases and the main floor. These were poured as deep as 48 inches. When concrete is poured in a mass, special consideration has to be given to the speed of curing as well as proper hydration of the cement, core temperatures, and meeting the job site schedule. In the deeper pours, IMI QC/QA produced a mix that achieved early strength to keep the job moving and was meeting the structural requirements of the engineers.

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