Project: Brake Supply Building - Evansville, IN
Customer: Koch Enterprises, Inc.
Contractor: Industrial Contractors, Evansville, IN
Project obstacles and solutions: The Brake Supply Company operates heavy equipment in its off-road components manufacturing site in Evansville. Traditionally, wire mesh or rebar would be added to the concrete floor to meet strength requirements. However, imix XS steel fibers were used as an alternative reinforcement. This helped speed up the pours, including 156,000 square feet of flooring in 12 days. The project engineer worked closely with IMI personnel to make sure the XS steel fiber rates met weight bearing loads specifications. Throughout the project, 200,000 pounds of imix XS steel fiber was used in three different dosage rates. In all, IMI supplied 5,100 yards of concrete for over 250,000 square feet of floor.

This project also made use of imix Spectra colored concrete in its 29,000 square foot office space. This saved the expense of using other finished flooring, such as carpet and tile.

The Brake Supply Building was awarded the Concrete Achievement Award from IRMCA for its innovative use of concrete throughout the structure.

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