Project: Veterans Parkway curbs - Greensburg, IN
Customer: City of Greensburg, IN
Contractor: Dave O'Mara Contractor, Inc. - North Vernon, IN
Project obstacles and solutions: The City of Greensburg, Indiana was building a new street - the Veterans Parkway - to be a main thoroughfare for a new commercial park. The street connects U.S. 421 and Indiana State Road 3 with key commercial properties. The project included putting new utilities into the area to make it ready for commercial development. Dave O'Mara was hired to do all of the paving work, including new curb and gutter work along the street.

The new roads run adjacent to residential properties, which is always a challenge when adding new infrastructure. O'Mara's had to keep the residential properties open for traffic at the same time they were building new streets. This included rebuilding streets and driveway entrances along the existing properties. IMI supplied 2,000 yards of low-slump, INDOT-approved paving concrete for the curb and storm sewer gutters. O'Mara's slip-form paved the perimeter of the new streets before asphalt roadways were paved. The project also included a roundabout, new walkways and crosswalks throughout the park.

For more information on concrete designed for slip-form pavers, click here.

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