Project: Salt storage building - Mount Vernon, IN
Customer: Warehouse Services Inc. - Mount Vernon, IN
Contractor: Superior Concrete Constructors - Evansville, IN
Project obstacles and solutions: WSI was building a 64,800 square foot salt storage facility in Mount Vernon, Indiana. Superior Concrete was on a strict deadline before the project began. The building had to be fully constructed and ready for use in 90 days or less because there was a shipment of salt crossing the Pacific Ocean on its way from China before the building was started. There was no room for any delays.

Since the project used nearly 82 tons of rebar in the floors, it was critically important that the concrete be protected from corrosive salt intrusion. IMI supplied 2,700 yards of 4,000 psi concrete for the floors. This was leveled with a power screed before 18 tons of trap rock was applied to the surface. Superior then added a densifier to the green concrete. After the concrete was cured, Superior added a salt guard to the floor. This produced a hardened surface that could handle the scraping of loader blades without damaging the concrete. It also kept salt from penetrating the surface.

The walls were made with precast concrete with an angled foot. These required a monolithic footer built into the floors to support the weight of the walls and the salt. The footers were poured at 18 inches directly under the walls. Entering into the building 15 feet, the foundation was poured at 12 inches to support the tapered walls, and seven inches in the middle of the facility.

Superior finished this project on time for the shipment of salt.

In 2016, this project was awarded an Outstanding Concrete Achievement Award from the Indiana Ready Mix Concrete Association for infrastructure construction.

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