Project: Brownsburg Early Childhood Center expansion - Brownsburg, IN
Customer: Brownsburg Community School Corp
Contractor: CPM Construction - Indianapolis, IN
Finisher: Sigler Concrete - Noblesville, IN
Project obstacles and solutions: The Brownsburg Community Schools were expanding their Early Childhood Center. The project included a concrete slab floor with block wall construction. CPM Construction was selected as the general contractor and Sigler Concrete did all of the flatwork on the project.

The challenge on this job was the short amount of time to erect and turn it over to the school. From the point that the slab was poured until the floor coverings were laid, there would be only 48 days. Only 25 of those days were under roof. The rest of the time, the concrete slab was open to the elements. IMI suggested that CPM use Aridus Rapid Drying Concrete for the slab.

Any time you have a concrete slab open to the elements, especially in cool, wet weather, the moisture content in the slab can cause the adhesive used for the floor coverings to break down. Ideally, the relative humidity of a slab needs to be under 80% before most floor covering warranties are in effect. In these conditions, normal concrete slabs would be near 100% relative humidity in this short time frame. Aridus is designed to chemically dry out the water inside the slab.

However, an additional problem came about three days after the roof was installed. A seam in the metal roofing was not properly sealed. When a storm dropped 1.5 inches of rain in two days, the entire floor was flooded. This happened only three weeks prior to the floor coverings being laid. Under normal circumstances, this would have delayed the project by several weeks, if not months.

IMI had placed an RH probe in the Aridus slab on the site to test the moisture content against a control slab that was brought back to their labs. The chart to the right shows the relative humidity of both slabs. CPM cleaned up the standing water and IMI measured the RH 14 days after the floor was flooded. At that point, the RH was 84%. Portable heat was used for three days and another reading showed the RH to be at 75%, well below the level for floor covering adhesives. Four days later, the carpet layers were putting down carpet squares and linoleum block tiles. Using Aridus concrete kept this job on schedule.
For more information on Aridus, click here.

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