Project: U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Processing Plant - Hopkinsville, KY
Customer: Altria Group - Richmond, VA
Contractor: Haskell Company - Jacksonville, FL
Finisher: Lloyd Concrete Services - Rustburg, VA
Project obstacles and solutions: In 2014, the Altria Group announced that its U.S. Smokeless Tobacco facility in Hopkinsville, Kentucky would expand its operations to include a new 254,000 square foot processing plant. The designs called for tilt-up concrete wall construction. The walls were used for both interior and exterior walls. Haskell was selected as the general contractor for this project and Lloyd Concrete Services finished all of the concrete.

Tilt-up construction is gaining popularity for commercial uses. When projects are under tight deadlines, it eliminates delays due to manufacturing work flow and shipping. Walls can be adjusted on site if change orders are issued. In this case, the project called for 210 tilt-up panels to be constructed and lifted into place. The interior walls were poured at thicknesses of 7-1/4 and 9-1/4 inches. The exterior walls were poured at a thickness of 12 inches with 7 inches of structural concrete wythe, then 2 inches of insulation, and finished with 3 inches of architectural wythe. These panels were built on a concrete casting bed, cured until they achieved early strength and then lifted by crane into place. The heaviest of the wall panels was 60 tons.

With so many walls, a variety of mix designs was necessary. Early strength is important when you are building tilt-up walls. The sooner you can move the panels, the better. It is also important to produce a concrete that can be finished to a consistent smoothness for architectural wall applications. IMI utilized six different mix designs for the panels. IMI supplied 26,000 yards of concrete for this project. This included all of the walls, an 8 inch slab-on-grade floor, second floor mezzanine areas, the outdoor staging areas, curbs and gutters throughout the parking lot.

The new U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Processing Facility is on schedule to open in 2016.

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