Project: Lockerbie Lofts Apartments - Indianapolis, IN
Customer: The Whitsett Group - Indianapolis, IN
Contractor: TWG Construction - Indianapolis, IN
Finisher: Midwest Constructors - Indianapolis, IN
Project obstacles and solutions: The Lockerbie District just north of downtown Indianapolis has become a hot spot for urban renewal with both residential and retail development. The Whitsett Group has been a key player in urban projects, including the $28 million Lockerbie Lofts mixed use high-end apartments and retail space. This project includes an underground parking garage with 240 spaces, 9,000 square feet of retail space on the ground level, and 215 apartments on the upper levels.

Midwest Form Constructors did all the structural concrete work on this project. The engineering specifications called for a synthetic, polypropylene macro fiber added to the concrete floors in the parking garage and a micro fiber for the upper deck floors. Macro fibers are added as a structural element that replaces steel reinforcement in the concrete. It adds fatigue and impact resistance to the concrete, which is of utmost importance in a parking garage floor. Micro fibers eliminate the need for welded wire fabric to control thermal and early concrete cracking. Adding the fibers helped speed up the construction process and keep the job on schedule.

IMI supplied 9,000 yards for the parking garage footings, pillars, floors, and four levels of decks. For more information on adding fiber to your concrete, click here.
To talk to one of our sales representatives about adding fiber to your concrete, click here.

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