Project: Bus Transit Station - MTSU
Customer: Middle Tennessee State University
Contractor: Marcor Construction
Project obstacles and solutions: Middle Tennessee State University was in need of a new bus transit station to accommodate future growth in their student population. The university desired a green solution to the parking lot, particularly one that would allow them to limit or eliminate any retention basin for water runoff. The university had previously utilized imix EcoPave pervious concrete for a parking lot at the Concrete Industry Management Building on campus. Based on the university's positive experience with that paving project, they chose imix EcoPave for the bus parking lot project.

To date, the MTSU bus transit station claims the largest use of pervious concrete in Tennessee. IMI supplied 3367.5 yards of pervious concrete. The project did not require any surface drainage and had only one overflow drain. Storm water flows through the porous surface and soaks back into the ground.

Marcor Construction was selected as the concrete contractor for this project. To add reinforcement to the concrete, a cellulose polymer fiber was introduced into the mix. Marcor Construction crews placed 80-130 yards per day. They completed their work in 40 days.

The MTSU Bus Transit Station was recognized as the 2007 Tennessee Concrete Association’s Best Pervious Concrete Project.

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