Project: GM Casting Plant renovation - Bedford, IN
Customer: General Motors
Contractor: Aristeo Construction - Livonia, MI
Project obstacles and solutions: In 2015, General Motors announced it was expanding its Bedford, Indiana casting plant to produce a new aluminum engine. The $127 million renovation included replacing the old floors, docks and driveways to accommodate the new machinery. There were 12,000 yards of concrete needed for this project.

Since the floor had to withstand large equipment moving heavy engine blocks, a high impact resistance was needed to accommodate the stress put on the concrete floors. The twisting and turning of heavy equipment can damage concrete without proper reinforcement. IMI QC/QA added imix XS steel fibers to the mix to increase the tensile strength and add reinforcement evenly throughout the entire depth of the slab. The imix XS steel fibers are cold drawn steel that is engineered with a hook end. This adheres well with the concrete. Since the fibers are mixed integrally in the truck, they pervade the entire slab of concrete. IMI supplied 6,000 yards of imix XS steel fiber concrete for this project.

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