Project: SkyHouse - Nashville, TN
Customer: Nouvare Group/Batson-Cook Development joint venture
Contractor: Batson-Cook Construction - Atlanta, GA
Finisher: REI Concrete - Goodlettsville, TN
Project obstacles and solutions: The SkyHouse Nashville is a 25-story luxury apartment building that has risen within the famous Music Row of downtown Nashville. The apartments are designed to attract young professionals wishing to live in the downtown district. The high rise includes a parking garage, 10,600 square feet of retail space on the ground level, 352 apartments with a rooftop club room, fitness center, pool and tennis courts. The project is a joint venture between the Atlanta-based Nouvare Group and Batson-Cook Development.

A critical part of this construction was the early strength of the concrete used for each deck. The floors used post-tensioned cables as reinforcement. To keep the project moving, the tendons were stretched 18 hours after the floors were poured and finished. This required a 2,600 psi at the point the tendons were pulled (3,000 psi/24 hours, 5,000 psi/28 days.) This parameter is relatively easy to achieve in warm weather, but in colder temperatures, when heat hydration and curing is slowed, IMI QC/QA made adjustments to the mix to meet the early strength requirements. When tested in accordance with ASTM C 31, the mix chosen for cold weather placement was achieving 3,500 psi/24 hours and 6,000 psi/28 days.

The other obstacle on this project was the extreme height the concrete had to be pumped to get to the upper decks. The first five decks were poured with a line pump. Beyond that, a place and boom pump moved the concrete vertically. This pump had to be moved to a platform to reach the top five floors. IMI supplied 18,000 yards of concrete for this project. Most of it was delivered via the pump. IMI QC/QA was on site and made adjustments to ensure the concrete was flowing through the pump as required.

Batson-Cook topped out the 25th floor of the SkyHouse in May 2016.

For more information on early strength in concrete or mixes designed for concrete pumping, contact a sales representative for the concrete plant nearest your location. Click here.

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