Project: St. Vincents Physical Therapy remodel pool room to conference room - Carmel, IN
Customer: St Vincents Health Network - Indianapolis, IN
Contractor: Summit Construction - Indianapolis, IN
Project obstacles and solutions: The St. Vincent's Health Network was refurbishing its Carmel Physical Therapy facility. In particular, a room that had served as a therapeutic swimming area was being converted to a conference room. The old pool was being filled in and carpeted over. The construction was on a fast track for completion. Carpet was to be laid a mere 15 days after the pool was filled in with concrete. Summit Construction was the general contractor on this project and the Jack Laurie Group installed the carpet.

Traditional concrete used to fill in a pool would not be ready for carpet for at least 120 days or longer. As concrete cures, water evaporates through its pores. Mastic adhesives used to apply carpet to concrete typically are not guaranteed to stick until the relative humidity (R/H) of the slab is 85 percent or lower. IMI suggested that Aridus Rapid Drying Concrete be used to fill in the pool. Aridus concrete chemically dries out the slab internally in a short amount of time. IMI QC/QA designed a mix that used a lower slump to further reduce any water evaporation issues.

IMI placed a R/H probe into the slab. At 15 days after the pour, the R/H was 81 percent, four points below the target mark. The carpet was laid on time without any problems.

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