Project: I-465 Barrier Wall - Indianapolis, IN
Customer: Indiana Dept of Transportation
Contractor: Walsh Construction
Project obstacles and solutions: Walsh Construction was awarded a major part of the Accelerate 465 project in Indianapolis. This project is expanding the lanes, rebuilding bridges and reworking ramps on the loop around Indianapolis. Walsh was building concrete barrier walls on an 11 mile stretch on the city's west side with a slip-form paver. The wall required a very dry mix and a yard of concrete for every 1.5 feet of wall length. If the mix is too wet, the wall will simply collapse behind the paver. Without proper hydration, the cement paste would not be properly activated, again resulting in a compromised product.
Slip-form paving a wall of this size is a tedious process. There are challenges in pouring a large volume of standing concrete. There are also time pressures to complete the project within the deadlines specified by the INDOT contract. IMI worked with Walsh to increase production and decrease unloading time. IMI researched and tested several different drum configurations on their mixer trucks. Eight trucks were fitted with new drums that reduced the unloading time on average from 20-25 minutes to 5-8 minutes. There were 42,000 yards of concrete delivered to the job site. The time savings, as well as efforts by our dispatch, drivers and plant personnel, contributed to the project being completed 50 days ahead of the production schedule.

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