Project: Tracy Road Paving, Whiteland, IN
Customer: Johnson County
Contractor: E&B Paving, Anderson, IN
Project obstacles and solutions: The Johnson County Highway Department wanted to replace a section of Tracy Road that sustains a lot of heavy traffic. The road provides access to a school bus transportation center and several businesses zoned for commercial and industrial use. Like many other county roads, Tracy Road was originally built as a dirt and stone road. It was eventually topped with asphalt and patched numerous times with crack and seal products. Johnson County highway officials decided to pave it using imix Roller Pave, a roller compacted concrete (RCC). They contracted with E&B Paving to pave the new surface.

RCC is unique since it is a dry batch with zero slump. It has very tight technical specifications, especially when it comes to moisture requirements. IMI worked with E&B to provide a dry batch system at its Whiteland plant, loading concrete into triaxle dump trucks for delivery to the site. The Roller Pave product was then loaded into asphalt slip form pavers. With RCC, there is no need for forms. It is placed and finished in one pass. The roller compaction of the concrete leaves a very durable surface that locks out most water and chemical seepage concerns that plague other paving products during freeze and thaw cycles.

IMI Technical Services continually monitored and tested batches as they were being loaded. The IMI plant supervisors worked with dispatchers to keep the supply line of product moving. Dry batched concrete in a dump truck can set up quickly. It was imperative for the concrete to be loaded on the paver as soon as it was delivered, with no downtime for the trucks.

The road was paved in one day. Johnson County was able to open the road for heavy traffic 48 hours after the pour.

For more information on imix Roller Pave, click here.

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