Project: Pervious concrete bus parking lot - Indianapolis, IN
Customer: Decatur Central High School, Indianapolis, IN
Contractor: JC Ripberger
Project obstacles and solutions: Decatur Central High School needed to pave a 98,000 square foot parking lot for bus delivery and parking. This created a storm water management issue. The school did not have enough capacity in their current retention pond to meet code. They did not have enough adjacent land to build another retention pond. Several options were considered. Design engineers, Schmidt and Associates suggested using pervious concrete with a stone base as the most cost effective option.

J.C. Ripberger was hired to pour and finish the job. President Bill Ripberger, Jr. turned to IMI to supply imix Eco Pave for this job. "We poured this job in eight days," states Ripberger. "We poured up to 80 yards an hour and 400 per day." Due to the large volume of concrete and the short time that pervious concrete must be placed, screeded, and covered, IMI kept two trucks constantly feeding a concrete conveyor supplied by Custom Concrete. Two other trucks were always waiting. "IMI was our best option," says Ripberger. "You have to trust your supplier to handle this large of a pour. They are my supplier of choice."

The job required one foot of stone and ten inches of imix Eco Pave to handle the water runoff. By allowing the water to drain through the concrete, into the aggregate base, and then to percolate back into the ground not only saved space, it saved the school about $1 million in additional storm water systems. For more information on imix Eco Pave, click here. The Decatur Central bus parking lot is one of the largest pervious pavement jobs in the midwest.

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