Project: Steel Fiber Reinforced Access Road
Customer: Audubon Metals, Henderson, KY
Contractor: Hazex Construction
Project obstacles and solutions: Audubon Steel in Henderson, KY recycles shredded automobile metals into new secondary aluminum alloy castings. They needed a new access road for heavy truck traffic carrying raw materials to their plant. The specs on the job called for 1/2 inch rebar on 18 inch center at 7 inches deep in the concrete road. Hazex Construction requested a change order to use imix XS steel reinforcing fibers in place of the rebar. By using imix XS, Hazex was able to speed up the construction of the road since the steel fibers are integrally mixed in the concrete.

A total of 19,000 yards of concrete was used in the construction of the access road. For more information on imix XS, click here.
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