Project: QRS Recycling industrial parking lot resurfacing
Customer: QRS Recycling, New Albany, IN
Contractor: Mac Construction, New Albany, IN
Project obstacles and solutions: QRS Recycling was in need of a new paving surface for their Riverside processing facility in New Albany, Indiana. Due to the amount of semi and heavy equipment traffic on their loading docks, they needed a durable surface. They also could not afford to shut the facility down during the construction. Mike Laverty of QRS had visited another facility that had used a roller compacted concrete and he decided to investigate the use of the product for his own application.

QRS turned to IMI who suggested they use imix Rollerpave, a roller compacted concrete. The job was bid out, and Mac Construction of New Albany was chosen for the job. Matt Janson, the owner of QRS Recycling said he was particularly sold on the product when he learned it would save him 20 percent over the costs of setting up and pouring concrete slabs, had a long life compared with other surfacing materials, and could be driven on in 48-72 hours.

Mac Construction poured the imix Roller Pave 8 inches thick with a total of 1,482 tons of concrete. The project was completed in two phases to ensure that the processing facility would not close down during construction.

"I am sold on it," stated Laverty. "IMI tested the concrete and let us know when we could roll on it, which was 48 hours after it was poured." He said the RCC has worked exactly as IMI said it would. "I am very pleased," said Laverty.

For more information on imix Roller Pave, click here.

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