Project: Duke Energy Gibson Station Fly Ash Silos, Phase 2 - Owensville, IN
Customer: Duke Energy
Contractor: J-Sons
Project obstacles and solutions: In the second phase of construction, the silos for the Duke Energy Dry Fly Ash Conversion plant were built using slip form paving. J-Sons performed the construction of two common fixation ash silos. Each silo was 45 feet in diameter and 125 feet tall.

Timing was critical in building the twin silos. J-Son's crew of 45 finishers worked around the clock in two shifts for five days straight. IMI supplied 1,200 yards of concrete continuously for those five days. It was critical that the concrete remained consistent throughout the entire process. Special attention was given to mix designs and quality control to ensure strength requirements were met. However, that was not the only quality control issue. The concrete was pumped to the pavers as the structures went up. The concrete had to be delivered at a slump that would not clog the concrete pump, but stiff enough to work with the slip form pavers. Any fluctuation one way or the other and the project would have fallen behind schedule. IMI Technical Services tested each load to ensure that the concrete was workable and to engineering specifications.

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