Project: Ohio Street Abatement Project - Indianapolis, IN
Customer: City of Indianapolis, Office of Sustainability
Contractor: Smock Fansler Construction - Indianapolis, IN
Project obstacles and solutions: As part of the Rebuild Indy initiative, the Ohio Street abatement project was a Pilot Project that rebuilt aging sidewalks and curbs in two blocks of downtown Indianapolis. Not only were the sidewalks and curbs deteriorating, but there was a storm water runoff issue as well. It was estimated that the two blocks along Ohio Street handled over 1.3 million gallons of water in a typical year. However, there were no storm sewers in place to handle this water, it was simply channeled down the street and frequently caused flooding. Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) has been a problem in Indianapolis. The aging storm sewers are not adequate to handle high volumes of rain. It was decided that a pervious concrete curb and gutter along with a pervious sidewalk would front a water garden to handle the water issue.

Smock Fansler Construction poured and cured 2,650 square feet of sidewalks as well as 900 linear feet of curb and gutter. IMI supplied 41 yards of imix Eco Pave for this project. The water is channeled to 750 square feet of water garden. Using pervious sidewalks has been a recognized green solution for rain water hitting the surface of the walkway. However, using pervious concrete in a curb and gutter adjacent to a impervious street provided an innovative solution to the CSO issue that plagued the area.

The Ohio Steet Abatement project won a GreenSite Award from Concrete Producer magazine.

For more information on imix Eco Pave pervious concrete, click here.

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