Project: Deardorff Dairy RCC Silage Pad
Customer: Deardorff Dairy
Contractor: E&B Paving
Project obstacles and solutions: The Deardorff Dairy Farm in Macy, Indiana was in need of a silage pad that would encompass nearly 70,000 square feet. They contacted E&B Paving to pave the area. Due to the heavy farm machinery that would be rolling across the pad, E&B suggested they use imix Roller Pave roller compacted concrete. In agricultural settings, imix Roller Pave has performed very well.

Unlike other concrete pours, imix Roller Pave is delivered in dump trucks due to its stiff, no slump consistency. IMI made provisions at their Peru, Indiana plant with a special load site to accommodate the dump trucks. The concrete was placed with a high density RCC paver. Since the mix uses very little water, timing from the dispatch plant to the paver is critical. IMI delivered over 1,700 yards of imix Roller Pave for the Deardorff Dairy project. With this much concrete to pave, quality control can become a concern. IMI Technical Services monitored each batch to ensure consistency. The pad was ready for traffic in a few hours after paving.

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