Project: Jack Daniel's Warehouse Road and Stockyards
Customer: Jack Daniel's Distillery - Lynchburg, TN
Contractor: Lee Adcock Construction - Shelbyville, TN
Finisher: Robert Smith Contracting - Chattanooga, TN
Project obstacles and solutions: The Jack Daniel's Distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee was dealing with a major maintenance issue with its warehouse access roads. These asphalt roads were breaking down due to the weight of trucks carrying product to and from the warehouse. Repairing the road and adjacent stockyards were ongoing projects and were costly. Jack Daniel's decided to build a new access road. They put the job out on bids. Lee Adcock Construction approached Jack Daniel's Maintenance and Engineering staff with the idea of using roller compacted concrete (RCC) instead of asphalt. After researching the product and comparing prices to asphalt, it was decided to use imix Roller Pave roller compacted concrete. Unlike asphalt, imix Roller Pave is durable enough to withstand the weight of heavy truck traffic, especially at areas where turns are made and tire friction had commonly broken down the old asphalt.

imix Roller Pave is placed with a high density paver and then further compressed with a roller. Because of the compaction of the concrete, very little water penetrates the concrete, thus keeping freezing and thawing from breaking down the product. This keeps ongoing maintenance to a minimum and saves the overhead expense of continually fixing potholes. Another reason that Jack Daniel's chose imix Roller Pave over asphalt were the green aspects of the concrete product. Since RCC does not need to be replaced the way asphalt does, it has much less long-term impact on the environment. The lighter color of concrete is more reflective of light, thus requiring less electrical overhead lights to illuminate the area at night. This became not only a sustainability issue, but one of safety that was key to Jack Daniel's staff selecting concrete instead of asphalt for this project.

Mixing and pouring RCC is much different than regular concrete. Due to the stiff nature of the mix, it was decided to deliver it by dump truck rather than concrete mixer. IMI brought in a portable mixer into the Tullahoma, TN plant that was fit to deliver the imix Roller Pave concrete directly into dump trucks. Robert Smith Contracting paved the new surface. IMI was able to deliver up to 100 yards of concrete per hour for this project. In all, the new roads and stockyards covered over 164,000 square feet, with five inches of imix Roller Pave placed over six inches of compacted aggregate base. IMI supplied over 2,500 yards of imix Roller Pave for this project. The project was kept on schedule and completed in five days.

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