Project: I-65 Barrier Wall - Louisville, KY
Customer: Kentucky DOT
Contractor: Hall Contracting - Louisville, KY
Finisher: JBI Construction - Evansville, IN
Project obstacles and solutions: The Kentucky Department of Transportation contracted with Hall Contracting to remove 13,000 linear feet of old barrier wall on I-65 from downtown Louisville to the I-264 interchange and replace it with a new concrete wall. Two big obstacles were written into the contract: the highway had to remain open and the entire project had to be completed in only 9 days. With this kind of time restriction, a construction management plan left little room for delays.

Hall Contracting began tearing down the old barrier wall over one weekend, 60 hours before JBI Construction began building the new walls. JBI utilized three Gomaco Pavers. IMI assigned 18 mixer trucks to the project - 6 dedicated trucks per paver. The project called for 5,740 yards of concrete, which IMI supplied from two plants in six straight days of work.

The entire project was completed in 8 days - one day ahead of schedule - with no injuries.

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