Project: Pervious parking lot, West Nashville Police Precinct - Nashville TN
Customer: Metro Nashville and Davidson County, Tennessee
Contractor: Messer Construction - Nashville, TN
Finisher: Marcor Construction - Nashville, TN
Project obstacles and solutions: In 2009, Metro Nashville Davidson County purchased land that housed an old Ford dealership to renovate into a new West Police Precinct building. However, the historic flood of May 2010 left the building severely damaged. The property suffered over $900,000 in damages. The mayor’s office was forced to scrap their original renovation plans and raze the building. They put out bids for plans on a new building design.

Ground was broken in November 2010 on a 44,000 square foot building. The new facility was designed to meet LEED Silver Certification. Messer Construction was chosen to construct the new facility. The plans called for several sustainability design features, including the parking lot, which was specified to be constructed with pervious concrete to control storm water runoff. Marcor Construction of Nashville was chosen to pave the parking lot due to their experience in pouring and curing pervious concrete. The parking lot was paved with asphalt banked to the pervious concrete areas. The plans called for a quick draining parking lot that did not use the current sewer system, but allowed storm water to percolate back into the ground. Marcor placed imix Eco Pave pervious concrete over a sub-base of crushed stone. The stone area serves as a reservoir for the water until it naturally infiltrates the soil. The imix Eco Pave was placed in areas where cars would be parked to ensure that there would be no pooling next to the cars and any water dripping from a parked vehicle would instantly run through the surface of the pavement. In all, Marcor Construction placed over 600 yards of imix Eco Pave.

The time schedule and cold weather proved to be a challenge in keeping the parking lot on schedule. Construction on the parking lot was started in September 2012 and had to be completed before cold weather shut down the asphalt plants during the winter months. Since pervious concrete slabs are required to cure while being covered and undisturbed over a seven day period of time, schedules became increasingly tight. IMI West Nashville plant worked with Marcor to make sure that the imix Eco Pave was available and trucks were on time when they were ready to pour. Despite the challenges, the parking lot was completed and the precinct opened on schedule on December 14, 2011.

This project won the 2013 Tennessee Concrete Association’s Best Pervious Parking Lot. For more information on imix Eco Pave, click here.
For information on green products from IMI, click here.

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