Magnesium deficiency is a growing problem in farm fields  ( 1/7/2015 )
By  Mike Gross , IMI Aglime Sales, Swayzee, Indiana

Despite the well known role of magnesium Mg in areas outside of farming, there is little research on the role of magnesium in crop production. Mg is often considered a forgotten element, however, its deficiency is becoming an important limiting factor in maintaining highly productive soils, especially soils fertilized only with N, P, and K.

IMIs solution to low magnesium soils is to apply aglime produced at our Pendleton, Huntington, Bluffton, Montpelier, or Muncie quarries. These quarries produce a high magnesium aglime and is the most economical and cost-effective solution to soils low in Mg and/or very acidic. Once the high Mg aglime is applied, the Mg levels are quickly restored to optimum levels and soil acidity is reduced.

If your soils are in balance with the proper amounts of calcium/magnesium, yet have a low pH acidic, IMI Peru, Noblesville and Corydon quarries offer an ideal aglime to keep this ratio balanced and quickly increase the soils pH. The calcium/magnesium ratio in soils along with increasing a soil's pH is an important part of profitable farming. Aglime works by creating an environment where microbial bacteria can thrive. This aids in the decomposition of agricultural residue, breakdown of applied fertilizers for plant uptake and improved drainage in wet conditions. IMI aglime also helps to keep water supplies clean and healthy by reducing the amount of nitrates and other fertilizer components that could otherwise seep into the ground water.

If you are looking for high calcium aglime, the IMI Swayzee and Sellersburg quarries produce a high calcium aglime with little or no magnesium. Since calcium is more soluble than magnesium in soils, this aglime is perfect for soils needing a quick response to low pH - acidic soil - and a rapid boost in calcium levels without increasing the Mg levels. Soils have been shown to tighten up when too much magnesium is present as compared to the amount of calcium in the soil.

All of our IMI quarries produce aglime to a material fineness that will quickly correct soil acidity and add needed calcium and/or magnesium. Make IMI aglime a part of your strategic farming program and maximize every crop acre. You can find your closest IMI aglime location by clicking here.

Before applying any aglime, have your soil tested and apply IMI aglime when needed.