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Technical Information
imix XS® is a steel fiber reinforced concrete used to control temperature cracking and shrinkage. imix XS is listed in the 2015 IBC International Building Code® and the 2015 IRC International Residential Code® (ESR 3226) as published by the ICC. The following information gives technical information on imix XS steel fibers in concrete, the ICC report on imix XS, as well as other technical information. You can click on the contents below or download a pdf file of the full report in
A White Paper on imix XS

imix XS recommended replacement mixes for Standard Reinforcement
Product Recommended imix XS replacement
Roll Mesh imix XS (Slab on grade)
Welded Wire Fabric imix XS Elevated Deck
Footings w/ 2 rebar placed horizontally imix Footing XS
*imix XS® is the required minimum replacement for standard reinforcement to comply with the ICC report ICC-ESR 3226 – listed as ESR 1726 in code publications prior to 2015 –. For additional strength and shrinkage control, contact your IMI sales representative.