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November 8, 2005

Mr. Scott Springer
Irving Materials, Inc.
1816 West Lloyd Expressway
Evansville, IN 47712


Material Testing • Non-Destructive Testing
Product Evaluation • Construction Materials

662 Cromwell Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55114 USA
Telephone: 651-645-3601
Telefax: 651-659-7346

PROJECT NO.: 325027 1
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This report presents the results of our laboratory testing of imix XS steel fibers pursuant to ICC Evaluation Service, Inc., AC208 ICC-ES Interim Criteria for Steel Fibers in Concrete, effective March 2003. Our work was requested and authorized by Mr. Scott Springer of Irving Materials, Inc. (IMI) on April 5 and April 6, 2005, respectively. The scope of our testing work was as follows:

  1. Perform laboratory analysis of fiber specimens, pursuant to AC208 Section 5.1 and ASTM A 820 to determine fiber properties and verify compliance.
  2. Perform laboratory concrete batching of concrete with and without fibers according to the ICC-ES acceptance criteria, for the purpose of conducting the following tests:
    1. Concrete Compressive Strength, AC208 Section 5.2 and ASTM C 39
    2. Concrete Flexural Strength, AC208 Section 5.3 and ASTM C 78
    3. Freeze-Thaw Durability, AC208 Section 5.5 and ASTM C 666 and C 494
  3. Perform laboratory concrete batching of concrete with fibers according to the ICC-ES Acceptance criteria for the purpose of conducting testing pursuant to AC208 Section 5.4 and ASTM C 1399.
  4. Prepare a written report presenting the laboratory data and compliance to the AC208 Conditions of Acceptance for each of the tests listed above.

Summary of Test Results:

The following is a summary of the test results:

Fiber Physical Properties:
Tensile Strength: 100% passing tensile strength requirements
Bending: 100% passing
Dimensions: 100% passing

Test Control Fibers % of Control AC208 Criteria
Compressive 37.7 MPa (5470psi) 39.9 MPa (5790psi) 106% ≥ Control
Flexural 4.76 MPa (690psi) 4.86 MPa (705psi) 102% ≥ Control
Test Fibers AC208 Criteria
Freeze-Thaw 92.7 ≥ 60 Durability Factor
Residual Strength 0.958 MPa (139psi) ≥ 0.551 MPa (80psi)

This agreement shall be governed exclusively by the general terms and conditions of sale and performance of testing services by Stork Twin City Testing, Inc., a North Carolina business corporation (TCT) dd. 05/01/2001. In no event shall Stork Twin City Testing, Inc. be liable for any consequential, special or indirect loss or any damages above the cost of the work. Payment is due within 20 days of invoice.

Stork Twin City Testing Corporation is an operating unit of Stork Materials Technology B V, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, which is a member of Stork group.
(complete report available upon request)