Aglime for
your farm

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IMI offers specialized concrete mixes for the unique construction needs of farms. To contact your local IMI sales representative to discuss your farm's particular needs.

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Stone, gravel and sand available in Indiana. Search for the IMI Aggregates site near you.

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Building materials calculators

Use our tools to figure the amount of concrete or aggregates you need.

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Steel Fiber Reinforcement for concrete slabs and footers

  • The alternative to traditional reinforcement methods
  • Controls cracks in concrete due to thermal extremes
  • Meets code: ESR 3226 Listed in the 2015 IRC/IBC
  • Delivered integrally mixed in the concrete
  • Batched to meet your strength requirements

imix XS vs Traditional Reinforcement

More info on imix XS

Available at our plants

Sealers, confilm, vapor barriers, expansion joint, concrete tools, and more.

Recycled crushed concrete for lanes and barnyards.

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Bin block available at our concrete plants

• We load your truck
• 100% recycled concrete

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Available at our producing plants
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