imix Flexifill is the perfect fill solution for underground storage tanks that are aging or abandoned. Many local ordinances require the landowner to fill old fuel tanks if they are no longer being used. imix Flexifill is flowable: it pours like water. You do not need any special tools.

imix Flexifill will fill all the voids, consolidate and level itself.

Use imix Flexifill for

  • Abandoned sewers and septic tanks
  • Underground storage tanks
  • Old fuel tanks
  • Abandoned cisterns
  • In-ground pools

How to order imix Flexifill for underground tanks

imix Flexifill is easy to pour. Here are a few helpful tips before you place on order.

Order imix Flexifill

Contact the concrete plant
nearest your location

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  1. Find out the capacity of the tank you are filling. Give this number to us when you order.
  2. If you are pouring into a small opening in the tank, either make a larger opening or get a sturdy funnel and insert it into the opening. The shoots on our mixer trucks are approximately 8 inches wide. The top of the funnel would need to be larger than 8 inches.
  3. imix Flexifill will pour like water down the shoot and may splatter. Cover any peripheral areas where you do not want the fill to touch.