imix Drive Plus specifications

Up to 8 Inches


Exceeds local code requirements

Set time

3-4 hours @ 70o F

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Engineered for easy placement and finishing, imix Drive Plus is our best concrete for exterior flatwork,
including driveways, patios, and sidewalks. It produces a fine finishing paste. imix Drive Plus produces a
durable finish that resists the impact of weather. With slumps up to 8 inches, you don't have to add water
to the concrete. It comes off the truck as a workable mix. It meets or exceeds local code requirements for
strength. Can be placed by pump, bucket or chute.
Meets ASTM C-94

Know the evaporation rate before you pour

Dry, windy and hot conditions can cause plastic shrinkage cracking and surface scalling in concrete. We sell evaporation retardants.

See the conditions in your area.
Color your concrete

Our imix Spectra colored concrete is mixed integrally in your concrete, delivered to your job site.

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Sealers delivered with your concrete

We sell concrete sealers at our plants. Find out the sealer products available in your area.

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Our imix products are tested, tried and trusted

All of our imix products undergo extensive lab and field testing from our vendors and QC/QA personnel. They represent our best concrete products.

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