Safety is a very high priority at IMI. Our goal is to deliver our products with zero employee injuries, zero injuries to our customers, and zero damage to anyone’s property and equipment. This is possible when we communicate and work together to achieve this goal.

We operate large equipment and deliver heavy products. Severe injury and even death can occur if safety precautions are not observed. If we observe anyone acting in a reckless manner around our vehicles or equipment, we will stop delivery until the situation is rectified.


While we are delivering concrete

Stay clear of chutes

Never stand or work around or under the chutes on our trucks. Even an empty chute is very heavy. Understand that they move quickly and can collapse. Additional temporary chutes must be properly braced to prevent collapse. Bracing equipment may not be carried on the chutes of the delivery truck. The flip down chute presents a very serious pinch point when dropped into position.
Keep hands away from the pinch point between the main chute and the flip down chute.

Stay clear of the truck

A fully loaded ready mix concrete truck may weigh up to 36 tons. It can easily crush you. On site delivery of our product may require truck movement, so stay back. It is important to maintain communication with driver of the truck during the entire delivery. Don’t assume that the operator can see you, there are multiple blind spots around the truck – even back as far as 75 feet immediately behind the truck.

Position the mixer correctly

Discuss the what, where, how and why with the driver upon arrival to the delivery site. Our front discharge trucks are known for their ability to agilely maneuver into the delivery area, but work with the driver to avoid overhead and underground utilities that can be damaged by the truck. National Electrical Code specifies overhead lines be 15-1/2’ in the air. The truck should be no closer than one foot for every foot of depth to a trench or excavated area. The truck must always be positioned perpendicular to the delivery area excavation. When the truck is moving into position at a trench or excavation make sure all personnel are clear from area until truck is stopped and in position.

Assist the driver with directions and obstructions

When the delivery has been completed, assist the driver in leaving the site. Remember the huge blind spot to the rear of the truck.

Do not climb on our trucks

The driver will make all adjustments needed during the delivery.

Never reach into a hopper, a concrete pump, an elevator or conveyor

Keep your limbs and loose clothing clear of any operating mechanisms used to move concrete.

Don’t try to catch concrete

Concrete is very heavy. Let it hit the ground or the mechanism you are using to move it.

Do not expose your skin or eyes to fresh concrete

Minimize contact with freshly mixed, unhardened concrete. Freshly mixed concrete can cause skin burns and irritation to the eyes. Avoid contact with freshly mixed, unhardened concrete by wearing long sleeves, long pants, gloves, boots and eye protection. Wash exposed areas with soap and water immediately. Flush eyes with copious amounts of water if they are splashed with concrete. Saturated or contaminated clothing should be removed and washed before re-use. Download our Safety Data Sheet by clicking here.

At our concrete plants

Wear hardhats and safety glasses

Hardhats and safety glasses are standard equipment around all IMI plants.

Report to the office

Check in with the IMI staff member on duty in the office upon arrival.

Stay out from under all plants and equipment

Do not park under conveyors. Park in designated parking areas. Stay away from the loading area. Watch out for moving trucks and loaders. Do not park behind trucks or loaders. Trucks and loaders always have the right-of-way.

At our aggregate locations

Always report to the office first

Report to the office first where a staff member will provide important safety information about the particular site you have visited.

Wear hardhats and safety glasses

All areas beyond the office require hardhats and safety glasses.

Drive only in those areas where you have been instructed to travel

Obey all traffic signs. Do not venture off of the path. Back up to the stockpile of the product you desire. Federal Law requires that you must stay in your vehicle while being loaded. Stay parked until the loader operator gives you a signal that loading is complete.

Stay clear of the plant and equipment

Large mining equipment always has the right-of-way.

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