Project: Magna Manufacturing Plant - Spring Hill, TN
Customer: Magna International - Aurora, Ontario, Canada
Contractor: Arco Construction - St. Louis, MO
Finisher: Lithko Contracting - Nashville, TN
Project obstacles and solutions: In September 2014, Magna International announced plans to build a new 122,500 square foot manufacturing facility in support of the GM plant in Spring Hill, Tennessee. The plant is to open for operations in January 2015. Arco Construction served as the general contractor and Lithko Contracting did all of the concrete work on the project. The walls are built with 58 tilt up concrete panels. The facility features 10 loading docks. IMI supplied 5,500 yards of concrete for this project, including the walls, foundation floor, docks and driveways.

Tilt up concrete walls are a good way of providing a fast and cost-effective method of constructing exteriors walls. Since they are constructed on site, there are no transportation costs or delivery issues with the wall panels. They allow architects the flexibility to customize the design of the structure since the walls can be modified when they are cast. IMI supplied 1,200 yards of concrete for the walls. But the success of the wall construction was dependent on another product that is often overlooked. IMI supplied grout to fill and seal the base of the wall. Fill grout many times will shrink as it cures. This can produce shrinkage cracks. It was important to keep the grout from cracking in order to keep moisture away from the base of the walls. IMI QC/QA produced a grout with a shrinkage-reducing admixture to eliminate these concerns. Typically a shrinkage-reducing grout is mixed by hand at the site. This can be tedious and can slow down construction. In this case, the engineer approved the IMI shrinkage-reducing grout mix to be produced at IMI plants and delivered by concrete mixer trucks.

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