Safety means empowering our people to step up and take action when they see an issue, no matter their position.  We partner with customers, subcontractors, and project stakeholders to proactively identify, assess, and address risks. 

Commitment to Safety

  • Safety Culture

    We take safety personally. Employees are encouraged to slow down and ask for help and we are resolute that nothing you do here today is more important than going home to the people you love.

  • Continuous Improvement

    We believe we have a moral obligation to protect our employees and the communities we serve and that this job is never done. We work hard to get to the root of incidents and learn from every opportunity to ensure we live up to this core value.

  • Technology

    From our incident reporting systems to our automated truck wash systems we embrace technology to not only help identify but mitigate risks for employees and customers.

  • Training & Communication

    Circumstances on the job are constantly evolving. We provide ongoing training via role specific classes, certification courses in first aid, and OSHA / MSHA compliance. We also conduct frequent toolbox talks and safety stand downs to ensure our teams are prepared to identify and avoid potential hazards to keep each other safe.

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