Project: I-71 fast track entrance ramp - Crestwood, KY
Customer: Kentucky Transportation Cabinet
Contractor: Bluegrass Contracting - Lexington, KY
Project obstacles and solutions: The northbound on-ramp to I-71 at Highway 329 in Crestwood, Kentucky was designated to be completely torn out and replaced as part of a fast-track road construction project. The entire project was scheduled so that the ramp would only be closed for 15 days. The entire tear out and rebuilding of the road had to be completed in this time frame. The ramp is nearly 1/2 mile long. Bluegrass Contracting was hired as the contractor for this project.

Any fast-track construction site has its challenges. This project was no exception. In particular, large rainstorms caused the job to be halted several times. Bluegrass crews worked around the clock to compensate for the weather. Key to meeting the deadline was the continuous delivery of concrete to the pavers, especially when the weather was good. Mixer trucks had to be ready to go despite heavy traffic and limited access to the job site. The mix design was critical to the end product as well. The concrete for this project was designed to achieve a 24 hour strength of 3,000 psi. IMI delivered 1,800 yards of concrete for this project. Bluegrass Contracting was able to complete the project on time. The northbound ramp opened to traffic on April 30, two weeks after the first pavement was torn out.

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