Project: Funeral Home Parking Lot - Fayetteville, TN
Customer: Gallant-Riverview Funeral Home, Fayetteville, TN
Contractor: MarCor Construction, Nashville, TN
Project obstacles and solutions: The Gallant-Riverview Funeral Home in Fayetteville, TN was building a new 16,000 square ft parking lot in back of their facility. However, the land-locked space had no place to handle water runoff and no room for a retention pond. The project was in jeopardy of being canceled until the city planners suggested using pervious concrete. After discussions with the site engineer, the use of pervious concrete was approved by the Fayetteville Planning Commission.

MarCor Construction of Nashville was hired to build a pervious concrete lot. Pouring pervious takes special training and MarCor had the expertise to complete this job. MarCor chose to use imix EcoPave pervious concrete for the project. The pervious concrete was placed on a bed of stone that serves as a reservoir for rainwater until it naturally drains into the ground. IMI supplied 300 yards of concrete for the project. Using imix EcoPave helped the customer use the maximum area for parking without sacrificing space for water retention.

imix EcoPave is considered a green paving solution for its ability to handle storm water and remove contaminants as the water runs through its porous surface.

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