Standard Reinforcement vs. imix XS
For temperature & shrinkage control

Footing       Slab
Width in ft Length in ft          Total Square Feet
Depth in inches
What reinforcement material are you using?
Rebar Cost per 20 ft stick
Wire mesh rolls Cost per roll
Welded wire fabric Cost per sheet
Cost of labor to place reinforcement materials

0 0
Cost of standard reinforcement Cost of using imix XS

The imix XS Calculator is provided to compare the general costs of using standard reinforcement and imix XS for temperature and shrinkage control of concrete footing and slabs. This calculator gives a general cost analysis. Contact your IMI representative for an estimate on your specific project. To contact an IMI representative, click here.

Compare the strength of imix XS design mixes to traditional reinforcement. Click here.

imix XS steel fibers (ESR 3226) comply with the 2015 IBC International Building CodeŽ and the 2015 IRC International Residential CodeŽ to minimize shrinkage and temperature cracking of structural plain, normal-weight concrete footings. It is also used for structural plain, normal-weight concrete slabs supported directly on the ground (slabs on grade.) UL tested and approved. For more information, click here.

In each calculation, the imix XS Calculator is meant to be a general material guide and should not supersede any engineer’s report regarding your specific project.

This calculator assumes two rebar sticks are placed on all footings. For all rebar applications, we calculate a 10% waste. Rebar on slabs is calculated with 18 inch spacing and crossing patterns.