I-69 Carmichael Road Bridge

The I-69 Section 4 connection between Crane and Bloomington, Indiana consists of north and southbound bridges over Carmichael Road and Indian Creek.  imi supplied the custom concrete mix for these bridges while E&B Paving provided the concrete paving services.

Project Overview

The bridges over Carmichael Road and Indian Creek span over 706 feet and required 10 cast-in-place piers.  E&B Paving poured each deck as a continuous pour, which included over 1,100 yards and took 13 hours to complete.  To ensure the project stayed on schedule, imi delivered 120 loads per deck.

The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) required specifications for the concrete mix, which included factoring in the amount of structural steel used, the distance the concrete would be pumped, the paving equipment, and weather conditions.  To meet the needs of the project, imi designed the concrete mix to include a retarder to ensure the concrete remained workable and to slow the initial set time.  In total, imi supplied 7,000 yards of concrete for the Carmichael Bridge.

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