Lehigh Mitchell Clinker Dome

Located in Mitchell, Indiana the Lehigh Clinker Dome project is the second largest clinker dome in the world and required precision and durability in its construction. imi played an integral role in the successful completion of this unique construction project.

Project Overview

Irving Material’s expertise in concrete production and delivery was instrumental in providing the high-quality materials necessary for the construction of this impressive dome.  The project, situated at the heart of the Lehigh Cement Company’s facility, required precision and durability in its construction.  imi provided over 10,000 of shotcrete for the clinker dome.

imi also successfully executed the construction of two slip silos for cement storage, featuring continuous 24-hour pours spanning three to five days, along with a substantial 3,500-yard mass concrete foundation.  imi also undertook the task of laying down an impressive 10,000 yards of paving, marking the final phase of the project. 

The company’s commitment to excellence ensured the concrete used met the stringent standards necessary for this specialized structure.  Together with other contractors, imi contributed to the creation of a resilient and innovative storage solution that will serve the Lehigh Cement Company for years to come.

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