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We build more than roads and runways.  We build leaders, teams, and communities.  Build your bright future with Specialties Company.

Company Benefits & Perks

Specialties Company career opportunities include both union and non-union roles.  Benefits may vary.

  • Personal & Professional Development

    Working at Specialties Company is more than just a job. Build your career and explore tuition-reimbursement programs and role-specific opportunities for certifications, licenses, industry association participation, and other forms of continuing education.

  • Wellness Benefits

    Specialties Company prioritizes employee and family wellness. For company-sponsored benefits, Specialties Company offers a wide range of very affordable benefits that include medical, dental, vision, disability, life, mental health services, and more. Union contracts vary and typically include paid benefits or reimbursements for medical, dental, vision and more. Please contact Human Resources or the union representative for additional information

  • Retirement & Financial Planning

    Retirement programs vary by role. As a Union Signatory Contractor, pension program information is available through union representatives. For non-union roles, Specialties Company provides a 401(k) with generous company-funded contributions, retirement planning resources, and financial budgeting tools

Career Opportunities

Explore Specialties Company apprenticeships and advancement opportunities.


Labor Apprenticeship Program

New employees are enrolled in the Indiana Laborers Training Program as an ApprenticeThe Laborers’ Apprenticeship Program is a three year program that includes a minimum of 4,000 hours of on-the-job (OJT) training and 432 classroom hours (11 weeks) in order to become a journey worker.


  • 1st Period 0-1000 Hours (75%)
  • 2nd Period 1001-2000 Hours (85%)
  • 3rd Period 2001-3000 Hours (90%)
  • 4th Period 3001-4000 Hours (95%)
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As a Union Signatory Contractor, entry level positions are with the Indiana Laborers Union and include health and welfare benefits as well as retirement benefits.  For specific compensation information, please refer to union information.  To learn more, visit www.indianalaborers.orgContact a Specialties Company recruiter to inquire about the following career opportunities:


  • Laborers
  • CDL A&B Drivers
  • Equipment Operators
  • Mechanics
  • Non-Union Roles in Management, Accounting, Estimating, and More