MacAllister Machinery

When MacAllister Machinery, a large-scale construction equipment supplier in Indiana, built a new headquarters in Indianapolis, imi customized a concrete mix that was durable enough to handle the heavy demands of the MacAllister business.

Project Overview

This large-scale project required the team at imi to produce mix designs  to meet the high traffic and heavy equipment areas.  imi value engineered a concrete mix for the interior slab, which included a concentrated 50-pound dose of steel fiber to extend joints from column line to column line.  The interior mix design also included fly ash, aggregate traprock, and macro fiber for strength, and a shrinkage-reducing admixture to increase longevity.  The heavy-duty pavement (6,000 psi) was structurally engineered and placed in two six-inch lifts.  Prior to concrete paving, Specialties Company completed 150,000 square yards of lime stabilization to support the building pads for the office space, service and repair center, display area, and storage building.

By working with the customer and contractors, imi provided concrete expertise, met schedule requirements, and delivered quality solutions.

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