Ultium Cells Electric Vehicle Battery Plant

The Ultium Cells EV Battery Plant was constructed with a strong focus on sustainability.  The utilization of innovative technologies like CarbonCure in the production of concrete significantly reduced CO2 emissions, making the project a notable example of sustainable construction.

Project Overview

At 2.8 million square feet, the Ultium Cells Electric Vehicle Battery Plant located in Spring Hill, Tennessee was a commercial project that required a custom concrete mix to fit the needs of the large scale manufacturing plant.  With heavy machinery being used at the plant, the concrete mix was designed to handle the high traffic levels while also being sustainably produced to align with the company’s mission.  imi provided a portion of the 120,000 cubic yards for the project, including a majority of the concrete mixed with CarbonCure.

Thanks to the use of CarbonCure, the project saved an estimated 1.4 million pounds of CO2 emmissions.  This is equivalent to 815 acres of trees abosorbing CO2 for a year or 1.5 million miles driven by gas-powered vehicles. 

This commercial project won three awards through the Tennessee Concrete Assocation, including Best Sustainable Concrete and Grand Champion.

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