Nanshan America Advanced Alumium Technologies

This large-scale installation at the Nanshan America Advanced Aluminum Technologies facility in Wea, Indiana highlight cost-effectiveness, durability, strength properties, and fast installation advantages of utilizing Roller Pave RCC’s heavy-duty application process.

Project Overview

For this project, E&B Paving placed 20,135 square yards of 7-inch pavement in a single-lift operation.  Additionally, 26,875 square yards of 13.5-inch pavement were skillfully laid using a dual-lift operation, which involved one paver laying the bottom lift and another paver immediately following to place the top lift.

During the second phase of the project, E&B Paving also paved the interior building floor with 6,600 square yards of 8-inch and 13.5-inch Roller Pave RCC.  Collaborating with site engineers and contractors, the RCC floor was placed after three walls of the new building were erected, thus allowing E&B Paving’s operations to make their pulls and exit through the open side.

This project was recognized by the Indiana Ready Mix Concrete Association with a “Outstanding Concrete Award” in the Concrete Commercial/Industrial – Industrial Projects Category, as well as by the Indiana Chapter of the American Concrete Paving Association with a “Excellence in Concrete Pavement Award” in the Industrial & Special Paving Category.

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