Starkey Park Erosion Control

 Starkey Park in Zionsville, Indiana was experiencing significant soil erosion along a 1,000 foot section of one of its main trails due to flooding from Eagle Creek.  In order to prevent permanent closure of the trail, imi was tasked with providing aggregate materials to create better erosion control.

Project Overview

Zionsville officials contacted Flatland Resources to create a plan to redirect the flow of water in the creek away from the eroding bank.  In order to do this, Flatland diverted the water back to the middle of the creek by constructing two j-hooks from large stones placed side-by-side in a curved motion away from the bank.  However, not just any large chunk of aggregate could be used.  The Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) regulates any items placed in public waterways throughout the state.  Flatland turned to imi Aggregates to supply rough hewn Salamonie Dolomite Linestome, a naturally occurring stone in Indiana that is accepted by IDEM for use in waterways.

Flatland hand selected 200 tons of limestone boulders from imi Aggregates – Stony Creek quarry to use for this project.  The boulders were selected for their flat, stackable shape and size.  The stacked boulders create a barrier that redirects the majority of the water into the middle of the creek, allowing for the better erosion control of the portion of Eagle Creek running through Starkey Park.

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