Delaware County Airport Runway Rehabilitation

With a tight deadline, E&B Paving and Specialties Company were able to demonstrate expert project coordination and construction services for the Delaware County Airport located in Muncie, Indiana.

Project Overview

On the first day of the project, Specialties Company initiated the process by milling over 50,000 square yards, focusing on a crucial slope correction and control within the taxiway/runway inspection area.

On day two, crack filling operations were completed prior to the paving process, where E&B Paving would pave 10,400 tons of P401 12.5mm surface for the entire project.  Afterwards, 7,400 tons of maineline max were placed with two asphalt crew working 12 hour shifts each.  During this day, pipe crews were also performing storm drainage repairs.

On the final day of the project, 3,000 tons of intersecting runway and taxiway mix began being placed early that morning and were completed by the end of the day with two crews working simultaneously.  After the runway and taxiway mix was placed, runway striping was completed.  The runways were able to reopen by 6 a.m. the following day, bringing the total runway closure time to 58 hours total.

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