Interstate 86

Specialties Company was selected to rubblize, recycle, and rebuild Interstate 86 in Allegany County, New York.

Project Overview

On this project, Specialties Company was challenged with rubblizing 143,000 square meters of existing interstate.  During a 15-day period, the team rubblized and rolled the existing concrete with two multi-head breakers.  Specialties Company custom-built breakers are capable of rubblizing a 12’ lane in a single pass, which decreases the likelihood of damaging or displacing the rubblized concrete from repeated heavy machinery traffic on the base material.  After the rubblization, 8 inches of asphalt paving was placed on top of the rubblized base.

By using the rubblization process, Specialties delivered an efficient, cost effective solution for recycling this concrete interstate highway with limited disruption to the traveling public.

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